Southern Highlands Food & Wine Clusters | Fitzroy Falls – Fill a Picnic Basket
Fitzroy Falls – Fill a Picnic Basket

Fitzroy Falls General Store

A convenient stop to refuel and stock up on house-made pastries, pies and locally grown produce.

Address: 1315 Nowra Rd, Fitzroy Falls
Contact: (02) 4887 7922
Social: @fitzroyfallsgeneralstore


Coburns Distillery

Keep an eye on their website for news of the cellar door opening and be first to grab a bottle of this locally made Single Malt Whiskey.

Contact: 0405 243 547


Heart Spring

You won’t taste fresher than our Highlands Still Mineral Water and Highlands Sparkling Mineral Water, bottled at the source from a mountain spring. Tapped from deep in the rocky heart of the mountains here in the Highlands, our water is entirely free of chemicals and pollutants and rich in life-giving minerals.
We also distribute Pomologist – an artisan cider made with 13 exotic varieties of locally grown cider apples. Like a fine wine, you can taste the difference in terroir and fruit character of each individual vintage release.

Contact: 0428 768 659


Maugers Meats

The Mauger family are farming royalty in the Highlands and you’ll receive the red-carpet treatment at their historic Burrawang-butchers shopfront, where generous portions of their sublime free-range meats are cut to order for you. Taste the difference that heirloom farming methods make to succulent lamb, tender pork loin and rib-eye, fresh from the fields. House-made rissoles are ideal for a BBQ stop, before hiking to the top of the falls or exploring the grottos below.

Contact: 02 4886 4327


Moonacres Farm

Taste the freshness and all-organic goodness that has put the Moonacres Farm Harvest on the radar of Sydney’s A-list chefs. What’s in season is what’s on the menu, from Moonacres Farm – whether its luscious golden pumpkin in winter or vine ripened tomatoes in the warmer months. Keep an eye out at the general stores and eateries around town for small batches of the farm’s very best produce – freshly picked that morning from the fields of Wilde’s Meadow.

Contact: @moonacresfarm




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